Types of Guitars

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What are the differant types of guitars?

Types of Guitars

There are currently many different types of guitars on the market. However they basically fall into either acoustic or electric categories. Below you will find a break down of the different types of guitars and their defining features.


  • Six String Guitar
  • Twelve String Guitar
  • Classical Accoustic Guitar
  • Slide Guitar

  • Six String Guitar
  • Bass Guitar
  • Fly Guitar
  • Double Neck Guitar
You can also find electric/acoustic guitars that can be played as is or plugged into an amplifier. An electric/acoustic guitar looks much like the regular acoustic guitar with all the same features, except it has a jack for plugging into an amplifier. An acoustic guitar can have six or twelve strings, no jack, twenty frets, and a sound hole.

Electric guitars usually have six strings, twenty to twenty-four frets, no sound hole, and a jack. Bass guitars, which are a type of electric guitar, have four to six strings, no sound hole, a jack, and twenty-four to twenty-six frets, though you can also purchase fretless basses now.



12/12/2006 10:24:42 AM
Vin said:

Are you refering to the "Fly" guitar as in the Parker Fly model? If so , that would just fall under the electric six string guitar category you had afformentioned.


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