Using a Capo (capo d'astro or crutch)

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What is a capo or capo d´astro?

Using a Capo (capo d'astro or crutch)

The easiest way to raise the pitch in your guitar is by using a capo, which is a device that you lock onto your guitar at any fret. The key is raised one-half step each time you move the capo up one fret. A capo will bar all the strings and enable you to play in whatever key the song is in.



8/6/2006 9:32:04 PM
William Pearson said:

Back in the "Great Depression" I usd a pencil, or other object, bound to the Guitar neck with a string. It works well, but is slow to apply. Later, found a "store bought" one. I use it frequently.


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