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What does Allegro mean?


Allegro - lively, rather quick.

What is tacet?


tacet - be silent.

What does tremolo mean?


tremolo - rapid repetition of a note.

what is a fermata?


fermata - a pause.

What is a Capo?


Capo - the beginning, the top
a capo - from the beginning

What is ponticello?


ponticello - the bridge of a stringed instrument.

What is apoyando?


apoyando - rest stroke.( classic guitar )

What is Forte?


forte - loud.

What is cantabile?


cantabile - in a singing style.

What is a whole note?

Whole note

whole note - receives four beats in 4/4

What does prestissimo mean?


prestissimo - as fast as possible.

what is legato?


legato - smoothly.

What is a Monofilament Nylon String?

Monofilament nylon

Monofilament nylon: single-strand nylon strings commonly used for classical guitars.

What is a Phosphor Bronze String?

Phosphor Bronze

Phosphor Bronze: A small percentage of phosphorous is added to the bronze alloy on roundwound guitar strings, to help them retain their sound longer.

What is tenuto?


tenuto - sustained.

What is simile?


simile - like, the same.

How do I play and eigth note?


lento - slow.

What is tirando?


tirando - free stroke ( classic guitar )

What is a Flat Wound String?

Flat Wound

A flat wound string is made by winding a flat or ribbon-like metal wire around a metal core wire, to create a smoothe string less prone to "squeaking."

What does ritardando mean?


ritardando - gradually slow down.

what is moderato?


moderato - a medium pace.

What is segue?


segue - go on with what follows.

What does the term Piano mean?


piano - soft.

what is glissando?


glissando - in a gliding manner, slurred, to slide.

what is fortissimo?


fortissimo - very loud.

what is an opus?


opus - a work or composition.

What is a Round Wound String?

Round Wound

Round Wound: the winding of round wrap wire on to the core of a musical string.

What is vibrato?


vibrato - to vary the pitch of a note with rapid movement of the left hand.

what is poco a poco ?

Poco a poco

poco a poco - little by little.

what is fine`?


fine - the end.

what is a half note?

Half note

half note - receives 2 beats in 4/4 time.

What does presto mean?


presto - quickly.

what is Largo?


largo - slow and broad.

What is segno?


segno - a sign.

What is a tempo?

A tempo

a tempo - in time.

What do you mean by Hammer?


hammer - to produce a new note by forcefully striking the string with the left hand.

what is Da Capo?

Da capo al fine

da capo al fine - return to the beginning and play to the word "fine".

What is arpeggio?


arpeggio - to play notes of a chord consecutively.

What is a Nickel Wound String?

Nickel Wound

Nickel Wound: Most nickel wound strings are made of a steel alloy with an 8% electroplating of pure nickel. The steel alloy is ideally suited for magnetic pickups and the nickel provides a cosmetic finish, oxidation resistance, and a smooth surface that won't wear down your frets.

What is da capo?

Da capo

da capo - return to the beginning.

What does sforzando mean?


sforzando - strongly accented.

How do I play and eigth note?

Eighth note

eighth note - receives one half of a beat in 4/4 time.

What is a Ball End String?

Ball end

Ball end: the brass or plastic ball, nut or ferrule affixed to one end of certain types of guitar strings.

On some types of acoustic guitars, this ball end goes into a hole in the bridge below the saddle, and a peg is then inserted into the hole to hold the end of the string in place.

On electric guitars, a similar arrangement is used, or the ball slips into a keyhole slot.

what is grazioso?


grazioso - gracefully.

what is harmonic?


A chime-like tone, produced by gently picking, plucking or tapping a string while "pulling off" with the left hand from a barely-touching position directly over the fretwire, usually on the 12th, 7th or 5th frets (open).

This is a tricky technique but well worth mastering, as it can produce beautiful effects.

What is Dal Segno?

Dal segno

dal segno - repeat from the sign.

What is a pull-off?


pull-off - to produce a new note by forcefully removing a finger from the string.

What is a quarter note?

Quarter note

quarter note - receives one beat in 4/4 time.

What is andante?


andante - rather slow, a walking pace

What does rubato mean?


rubato - robbed time.

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