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What are the best pedals for my guitar?

The Best Pedal Brands

If you're looking for a really good pedal try out the Boss equipment. They are really durable, and have a really sweet sound.

If you're looking for something more on the processor side, go with DigiTech. The DigiTech line has some of the best out there. They don't come too cheap, but if you can afford to get one, they are worth it.

It really comes down to personal taste, and which types of effects sou

Which guitar effects are better: Single-effect stomp boxes or multi-effects pedals?

There are a lot of cool multi-effects pedals out there that give you a bigger bang for your buck...if you're looking at a dollar-per-effect ratio. After all, some sacrifices have to be made to squeeze all those multi-effects into a small box and keep the price low. Individual, dedicated effect pedals often deliver superior effects with a wider rage of adjustabilityŠbut they cost more on a per/effect basis. In other words, you can typically get more sonic quality and more variations on a single- effect pedal. Here's the bottom line: If your music requires multi-effects, then you need a whopping multi-effects pedal. But if you're only going to use a few effects, dedicated stomp boxes may better serve you.

What is a capo or capo d´astro?

Using a Capo (capo d'astro or crutch)

The easiest way to raise the pitch in your guitar is by using a capo, which is a device that you lock onto your guitar at any fret. The key is raised one-half step each time you move the capo up one fret. A capo will bar all the strings and enable you to play in whatever key the song is in.

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